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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to Check In with a satellite?

Checking In is a way for users to interact with satellites & earn points based on their current ground distance from the satellite. Each press of the check button is one Check In.

How many points can I earn while Checking In?

One Check In can include multiple satellites. For a single satellite, you can earn anywhere from 20 points when the satellite is 650 km away, to 100 points when it's directly overhead. Sometimes it pays to wait!

How can I change the color & size of the satellites?

After selecting a satellite, click the paint brush icon to open the restyle menu. From there, you can choose the color and size for individual satellites, satellites of a given type, or satellites from a specific origin.

How do I change the satellites shown when the app is opened?

On the settings page, select the 'Set Satellites Shown' option and enable the types/origins you would like to be shown. There's simply too many to load them all, so debris is excluded when opening the app.

How can I see everything a given satellite was launched with?

After selecting a satellite, press the button with the rocket icon to see all other objects lofted alongside it. At the bottom of this list, the Show All button will load everything, including debris! Note that you can check in with debris after it's been loaded. (Find Fengyun-1C and Cosmos 1408 for a ton of points!)

Does augmented reality not look to be showing satellites in the correct position?

The compass in your device can be recalibrated by holding the phone and moving your hand in a figure eight motion while keeping your forearm still (pivoting with your wrist). This typically realigns true north.

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